New cards are here!

We recently mailed out new United Bank debit cards with latest in debit card technology and a fresh new design. If you did not receive your new card, please contact us immediately. 

To avoid an interruption in service, be sure to activate your new debit card, if you haven’t already. 

  • Your existing card will become inactive 30 days after your new card arrives.

Please note that your new debit card will have a different expiration date and 3 digit security code. This will require updates to any automatic or digital payments you have scheduled, such as monthly utility bills, loan payments, your Amazon account, or ApplePay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Card benefits include:

Card Controls

Manage lost or stolen cards at the touch of a button. Our mobile banking app offers the ability to manage your debit card instantly. You can block transactions and set limits or restrictions on card usage quickly and easily.

Mobile Wallet

Change how you pay with contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into your supported device. Now you can pay in an easy, secure, and private way with your United Bank debit card using ApplePay, Andoid Pay, or Samsung Pay.

EMV Smart Chip

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your debit card has an added layer of security, providing greater protection against fraud. Don't worry, your card still has the magnetic strip on the back for use at places without a chip reader.

Contact us with any questions.