The Earnings Boom Is Here

April 12, 2021  |  LPL Research
The outstanding fourth-quarter earnings season we had in 2020 is a tough act to follow, but 2021’s first quarter has the makings of another potentially great earnings season.

Raising Forecasts…Again

April 05, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research revises previous forecasts to better reflect the growing optimism of an economy on the rebound.

Are We on the Brink of an Inflation Crisis?

March 29, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research explains why any upticks in inflation will ultimately prove transitory.

The Second Year Of The Bull Market Begins

March 22, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research discuss the end of the bear market and the trends of a bull market in year two.

March Madness: Stock Market Edition

March 15, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research share their “Final Four Factors” for the stock market in 2021.

Rising Rates And Stock Market Performance

March 08, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research discusses the market signals supporting the potential for stock gains in the current rising rate environment.

Here Comes The Earnings Boom

March 01, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research reviews an incredible earnings season and speculates on a potentially strong earnings rebound for 2021 and beyond.

Sustainable Investing Year In Review

February 22, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research reviews the increasing popularity of sustainable investing and how it can be a solid addition to any investor portfolio.

The Search For Income

February 16, 2021  |  LPL Research
LPL Research considers some unique income ideas for diversifying investor portfolios & potentially reducing interest rate risk.

Raising GDP And Stock Market Forecasts

February 08, 2021  |  LPL Research
The resiliency of the US economy continues to exceed expectations, supporting our increased forecast for growth and corporate profits in 2021.

Markets Shrug Off Debt Levels

February 01, 2021  |  LPL Research
US debt levels have soared during the pandemic, but the market is taking it in stride, staying focused on reopening the economy.

Small Caps Still Solid

January 25, 2021  |  LPL Research
Small cap stocks have outperformed large cap stocks over the last several months. They’re enjoying strong breadth and the earnings outlook is strong. This is a favorable part of the economic cycle.

Earnings Recession Is Likely Over

January 19, 2021  |  LPL Research
Fourth quarter 2020 corporate earnings season likely will be the last in this earnings recession. Earnings may grow in the first quarter of 2021 and beyond. The economic recovery can drive a rebound in corporate profits.

Market Policy Projections for 2021

January 11, 2021  |  LPL Research
Democratic control of Congress may not impact 2021 policy as much as many believe. The biggest changes may be around taxes, regulation, and stimulus prospects. With the elections behind us, 2021 policy is coming into focus.

10 Economic Lessons from 2020

January 04, 2021  |  LPL Research
2020 was a unique year, from the longest economic expansion ever to the shortest recession on record. Stock markets are forward-looking, and they want clarity on elections, too. Above all else, 2020 showed our ability to persevere.

A New Economic Start in 2021

December 21, 2020  |  LPL Research
2020 was a tumultuous year. We likely had the shortest recession ever and began a new economic expansion. Small business and effective COVID-19 vaccines hold the key to continued economic growth in 2021.

Stocks and Bonds Outlook for 2021

December 14, 2020  |  LPL Research
Stocks and bonds posted strong returns in 2020, and we believe this early-stage bull market may be set for more strong performance in 2021. Opportunities for bond investors may require more patience.

A Positive Outlook for 2021

December 07, 2020  |  LPL Research
As 2020 comes to a close and we look forward to 2021, we take a look at what we can expect in the stock and bond markets, the economy, and a new post-election policy environment in 2021.

COVID-19 may threaten the economic recovery

November 30, 2020  |  LPL Research
Increasing COVID-19 cases in Europe and the United States have brought new restrictions. The stock market doesn’t appear fazed by the recent outbreaks, but underlying economic data is beginning to reflect the latest government and consumer shutdowns.

Frothy Sentiment Rides Bullish Technicals

November 23, 2020  |  LPL Research
The reaction from stocks since the US election has been strong. The S&P 500 Index is up, and small caps have soared. Sentiment could be getting a little frothy as well, which may increase the odds of a pullback.

Q3 Results Brighten 2021 Picture

November 16, 2020  |  LPL Research
Corporate earnings results were surprisingly good in the third quarter, with 84% of companies beating earnings expectations. Stocks most likely are in a new bull market, potentially supported by a durable economic expansion.

Record GDP on the Eve of the Election

November 02, 2020  |  LPL Research
2020 has been a year of records, including the sharpest rebound in GDP since WWII. Plus, consumer spending rebounded mightily after the second quarter contraction. What does this signal for the election?

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