In the event of injuries or damage to property of others:

1. Fill out incident report form and  email(Opens in a new Window) or fax (616.243.1080) to United Insurance or call us at 616.559.4568 to report the loss.
2. Forward any correspondence, including a summons from an attorney representing the other party.
3. Do not discuss the claim with the other party or their attorney. Refer them to your insurance company’s claims adjuster or to us.

After we report the claim to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will:

1. Contact you to discuss the incident that allegedly caused the injury or damage to the property.
2. Deal directly with the other party and/or attorney to handle the claim.

Claim Questions

Need help filing a claim? Feel free to contact the commercial lines department by phone at 616.559.4568, or email in a new Window), or fax 616.243.1080.