Software Update Information

Our software update is now complete. If you use a financial management software or remote deposit you will need to make some updates for everything to continue functioning. Please see instructions below to make the necessary updates. 
Update Outside Financial Management Software
If you currently use any outside financial management software such as Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint, you will be required to make updates to your United Bank account settings to ensure a smooth transition. These changes should be completed as soon as possible after the software update is complete. Please select and follow the appropriate instructions below to complete the required updates.
Not sure which version to choose?
If you download your transactions from online banking and import them, you should select Web Connect (WC).
If your transactions are automatically imported, you should select Express Web Connect (EWC).
Update Remote Deposit Scanner Software
If your business currently uses remote deposit, you will be required to update your scanner software. Be aware, the update must be completed before using remote deposit. If you do not complete the steps in the order they are presented, your remote deposit connectivity will stop functioning properly.

Software Update Instructions

If you use only mobile capture and do not use a physical scanner, please disregard these instructions.
We're here to help!
We appreciate your patience during our software update. Please don’t hesitate to stop by your local branch or call us at 616.559.7000 if you have any questions.