Brokerage and Advisory Services

Pay a commission on each transaction in the account, or pay for continuous investment advice and monitoring of your portfolio.

About Brokerage and Advisory Services

Social Security and Income Planning

Figure out the most appropriate time to file as well as strategies to maximize your income and minimize your taxes.

About Social Security

Choosing a Pension Payout

Maximize your income, taking into consideration your age, taxes and other retirement account withdrawals.

About Pension Payouts

Estate Plan Coordination

Guidance on managing your estate and providing for your family, while minimizing expenses.

About Estate Plan Coordination

Income Tax Coordination

An evaluation of all of your income sources in retirement to figure out the most tax-efficient way to draw on that income.

About Income Tax Coordination

529 College Savings Accounts

These allow you to pay for, or contribute, to your child, grandchild or other person’s education expenses.

About College Savings

Life Insurance

It’s protection for your family when they need it most. Speak with our agents about putting a cost-effective plan in place.

About Life Insurance


Real Solutions for Real Life

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Preparing for initial meeting

Gather financial statements and start a list of your current and future financial goals.
United Wealth Management Advisor

Our advisors

As your wealth management partner, we’re united in our mission to help you pursue your financial goals.

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Education and tools

A few simple resources, like market information and calculators, can make managing your money so much easier.