The role of brokerage and advisory services in your plan

Institutional investors and professional traders help you with the complex and often time-consuming tasks of buying and selling stocks, monitoring the market and managing your investments. They have access to sophisticated tools and financial models in helping make investment decisions.

Are brokerage and advisory services for you?

Brokers sell products for a fee. You’ll want to go into that relationship knowing what you want since the relationship is mostly transaction-based. Advisors offer a more comprehensive set of services including investment and planning guidance. Advisors work as a Fiduciary and are obligated to do what is in the best interest of the client.


Fee-based advisors typically can work as both a Broker (earning a commission) and Advisor (charging a fee) depending on the client’s needs and the relationship. Sometimes, they even work as both for the same client. Fee-only advisors, will not sell any commissionable product and will only work with clients in a fee-based relationship.

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We carefully discuss your goals and help you to determine the best on-going relationship to work towards those goals.

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Preparing for initial meeting

Gather financial statements and start a list of your current and future financial goals.
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Education and tools

A few simple resources, like market information and calculators, can make managing your money so much easier.