The role of Social Security income coordination in your plan

You’ll get knowledgeable guidance on what you’ll receive and when, as well as how to maximize the benefit.

Is Social Security income coordination for you?

Many people don’t understand how Social Security really works. That’s why it’s important to consult with a professional advisor who can help you decide the most appropriate time to file as well as strategies to maximize your income and minimize your taxes.


Social Security retirement benefits increase by roughly 8% each year that you delay between from age 62 (the earliest you can claim) to your full retirement age, which is currently 66 and rising to 67 for people born in 1960 and later. The Social Security Administration offers a calculator.

Income Planning in Retirement

Generate the right amount of income from your retirement portfolio.

What is income planning in retirement?

Income planning helps you figure out how much you should withdraw from your retirement accounts each year. It takes into account things like life expectancy, investment rate of return, inflation, tax efficiency, unexpected life events, etc.

The role of income planning in retirement in your plan

Advisors will work with you to develop an income strategy and then match you with the investment solutions designed to help generate the right amount of income from your retirement accounts.

Is income planning in retirement for you?

You want to ensure you have enough income in retirement. It requires careful planning and an understanding of your entire financial picture. Professionals can help you navigate everything from taking the right withdrawals to minimizing taxes.


One common retirement plan withdrawal strategy is known as the 4% rule, which suggests you withdraw 4% of your retirement savings the first year of your retirement and then do the same for each following year while adjusting for inflation.

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Once you decide to retire, it can be difficult to adjust to the idea of not receiving a regular paycheck. That’s where our skilled advisors use the latest personal planning tools to create a strategy to help you maintain your lifestyle in retirement. Our advisors will share valuable insight such as the best time to file for increased income and maximized security for both you and your spouse throughout your entire retirement. We’re dedicated to helping you see all the possibilities.

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