Conventional Rate/Term Refinancing

It’s important to take advantage of financial opportunities, especially a drop in interest rates. We can help you refinance your mortgage to secure a better interest rate, or to change the terms of your loan.
Commonly used to:
  • Lower interest rate and save on interest paid over the life of the mortgage
  • Lengthen term to lower mortgage payment and increase your monthly cash-flow
  • Shorten term to payoff home faster
  • Divide assets during divorce
  • Eliminate PMI (private mortgage insurance)


Conventional Cash-Out Refinancing

There are many reasons to draw out the equity in your mortgage, from investing in a new venture to paying off high-interest debt, financing education, travels, weddings and more. Whatever your needs, we can help you meet them.
Commonly used to:
  • Consolidate debt
  • Fund investment opportunities
  • Fund education
  • Fund renovations and home improvements 
  • Payout equity during divorce


Why United Bank

With our suite of loan options and experienced lenders, we’ll help you find the loan that’s right for you. We’re here to partner with you throughout the entire process to make it as easy as possible. We even service the full life of your loan, which means if you have questions or needs at any time, know that we are right here to serve you. We’re dedicated to making our community the best it can be through successful home ownership.