1. Go Mobile: Consumers are consistently engaging with new content on-the-go, so why wouldn’t the way you market your business reflect that? It is vital that the messaging and content you create is specifically designed for mobile access. Otherwise, you risk alienating the majority of your target market.

2. Create Compelling Content: This should go without saying, but it is always important to reiterate this point. The attention spans of average people continue to drop and now you have less time than ever to capture their attention while they are scrolling online. Tailor content specifically for your audience and provide them with information that they will find helpful. Use visually pleasing imagery and video to continually drive engagement.

3. Build a Profile: Take a few minutes to build a handful of social profiles to interact with valued customers. Utilizing helpful platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others can help drive engagement with your target audience. Create engaging content, answer questions from customers, and use paid social posts to build brand awareness for your business.
4. Utilize Free Advertising: When it comes to marketing for your small business, every dollar saved is a huge win. Focus your efforts on keyword search and SEO. Optimizing your website for how it ranks for specific keywords in search engines is completely free. Invest the time to improve your website’s rankings and earn big dividends over time.

5. Look Locally: Especially for small businesses, you understand your market is and the area where your customers live. Take advantage of this knowledge and focus your paid advertising and SEO efforts on targeting people that live in a specific range of your business. That way you are marketing your business to people who are most likely to interact with you.

6. Think Big (Without Spending Big): No business is too small for digital marketing. When the time comes to invest some money into advertising, start with paid advertising on key sites for your target market. Platforms like Google and Facebook allow you to set an exact spending limit on ads, while still assisting you in maximizing their effectiveness.

7. Use “Call to Action” Buttons: Provide customers with a quick and simple way to take the action step you want them to. Whether to visit your website, contact you, sign up for an event, or get directions to your store, use call to action buttons on social, emails and throughout your website to make it easier for people to interact with you.

8. Email Often: Using email marketing appropriately can be an extremely helpful and cost-effective tool for your business. In fact, 78% of consumers aged 35–44 rank it as the communication platform they most prefer, according to MarketingSherpa. This platform can be a great way to provide exclusive offers, and valuable information to your customers and prospects. Find the right balance of sending emails consistently, while avoiding the pitfalls of flooding their emails with spam.

9. Ask Permission: Nobody wants spam. Sending unsolicited emails, calls, texts, or any other type of communication is a quick way to turn people off to your brand. Instead, make use of email sign ups on your website to start generating a strong email list. Provide an offer in exchange for their permission to receive email marketing messages. This tactic will preserve the reputation of your brand and keep you from alienating valued customers.

10. Dive into Data: Consider investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. HubSpot and Salesforce are a great place for collecting data to gain a better understanding of your target audience. Utilize these tools for helpful insights into creating personalized offers for customers and engaging with them at every level of the sales funnel.

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