Benefits of working with an independent insurance agent:

  • Access to More Options: Independent agents have access to a variety of insurance companies, which allows them to deliver more options. They will search through all the available options for you to bring you the best possible combination of price, coverage, and service. More options mean lower premiums for you.

  • Local Knowledge for Policy Coverage: This is a major factor when it comes to an understanding of special exposures like flood, wind, earthquakes, and different kinds of personal and business insurance.

  • Strong Client Relationships: Working with an independent insurance agent allows you to establish protection with someone who is dedicated to understanding your personal needs. It’s not a matter of simply buying a policy and renewing each year. They get to know you and your insurance needs, which often change. Say goodbye to generic, broad coverage policies, and enjoy the benefits of policies specifically suited to you.

  • Offers Unbiased Advice: An independent insurance agent is an expert in their field. They understand the industry, policy language, and are able to follow recent trends. They simplify the buying process, provide expert advice, and help you minimize your risk.

  • Community oriented: Many independent insurance agents live and work in your neighborhood. It's their job to understand the needs and concerns of the community and they're committed to bettering the place you live.
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