The Basics

Watercraft Liability: If someone makes a claim or lawsuit against you for liability related to your boat ownership, this coverage and our agents unite to protect you.

Additional Protection

Agreed Value Loss Settlement: In the event of a total loss, you’ll receive a full, agreed upon value for your boat. Now that’s a real solution.
Boat Equipment: This coverage for boat-related equipment such as anchors, oars, life jackets, fuel tanks and batteries, ensures you have everything you need to get right back on the water.
Property of Others: Just as the name states, this policy covers the belongings of your guests while on your boat.
Emergency Towing: An emergency is not the time to be lacking in coverage. Prepare ahead of time with this solution that covers expenses for towing or other emergency services.
Boat Recovery Expense: Just because your boat goes under doesn’t mean your savings have to sink. This is coverage for the costs to recover a sunken boat.


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Why United Insurance

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