Coverage Options

Building Coverage: Have confidence knowing that if something were to happen to your office buildings or structures, and any completed additions or additions under construction, you’d be covered. Coverage extends to garages, storage buildings, swimming pools, fences, retaining walls, as well as owned personal property used to maintain or service the building and premises.

Comprehensive General Liability: When you’re a business owner you expose yourself to risk. This policy protects you against legal liability caused by bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury to others.

Equipment Breakdown: This policy provides the funds to repair or replace damaged covered property caused by machinery or equipment failure, including explosion of steam boilers or loss of steam/hot water boilers.

Ordinance or Law Coverage: Paying out of pocket for repairs or a rebuild to get your property up to code can be expensive. That’s where this policy is extremely helpful. Since municipal ordinances and laws can regulate construction, repair or demolition of your property, this policy ensures you’re covered.

Identity Restoration: If you become a victim of identity theft, this coverage will help cover the costs to restore it.


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