Coverage Options

Property: Here’s a real solution that covers your business buildings and structures (think fencing and external signage), as well as your business personal property and equipment due to covered accidental direct physical loss.

Liability: When you’re a business owner you expose yourself to risk. This policy gives you financial protection against costly claims and lawsuits covered under the policy.

Accounts Receivable: In the event your accounts receivable records get damaged and you’re unable to collect, this policy may cover for the resulting financial losses.

Computer Property: Your operation most likely relies heavily on computers. When they go missing or get damaged, this coverage comes into play.

Equipment Breakdown: Think of the all ways your business equipment could get damaged, from a mechanical to an electrical breakdown. Whether it’s a photocopier machine or an explosion of a steam boiler, rely on this policy to make things right.

Loss of Income: There are times you can’t take care of business and your operations are suspended due to a covered loss. When that happens, this policy steps in.

Money and Securities: When the daily running of your business involves handling a significant amount of money each day, this policy is a necessity in protecting you from being the victim of theft, disappearance or destruction, whether at your business, at the bank where you’re making a deposit, or while the money is in transit.

Seasonal Increase: Peak season can mean a major influx of cash, as well as more risk. This policy provides additional coverage on your business personal property while in those revenue-producing seasons.

Signs: If the signs on your buildings get damaged accidentally, this coverage kicks in. It applies to attached or stand-alone signage, as well as interior and exterior.

Data Compromise and Identity Restoration: These coverages unite to help your business and you recover after a data breach or if you become a victim of identity theft.

Backup of Sewer and Drain: We’ve seen it before—the backing up of sewers and drains inside a business building. Whatever gets damaged will be covered thanks to this policy.

Employee Dishonesty: You trust your employees to do right by you, but in the event they steal from you or commit other dishonest acts, this policy provides coverage due to loss of business property, money and securities.

Utility Interruption/Loss of Income: When you can’t conduct business as usual due to failure of communications, water, natural gas, or electrical service to your building, you could very well lose income. If that happens, you’ll want this policy in place.


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