Coverage Options

Privacy and Security: The hacker might obtain sensitive personal information from your computer system. This covers the claims arising from customers that have to do with unauthorized access to data, failure to provide notification of data breach, wrongful collection of private information, and more.
Media: If the fraud you experience leads to copyright infringement, defamation, and violation of an individual’s right of privacy in electronic and printed content, you will be covered.
Regulatory: You’re covered for administrative and regulatory proceedings brought by domestic or foreign governmental entities, or claims made as a result of privacy, security, or media acts.
Privacy Breach Notification: When your internal processing system is hacked, you are responsible for notifying all customers. The costs of notifying and providing services to affected individuals or entities following that data breach will be covered.
Computer and Legal Experts: After an attack, you will need to have an expert analyze and respond to the privacy or security breaches, determine whose information was lost and provide legal services. This will cover those costs.
Betterment: To ensure that this doesn’t happen again, the costs to improve your computer system after a security breach will be covered.
Cyber Extortion: In the event that your system is infected with a virus that encrypts your data and a ransom payment is demanded to unlock the system, the cost of ransom and related costs with that attack are covered.
Data Restoration: Your lost electronic data, computer programs, or software will need to be restored or recovered after an attack and the costs associated with this will be covered.
Public Relations: We include coverage for public relations services to mitigate negative publicity resulting from a privacy breach, security breach, or media act.
Computer Fraud: The loss of money, security or other property due to unauthorized system access will be covered.
Funds Transfer Fraud: If a fraudster obtains your information and uses it to impersonate you to their financial institution, your funds are protected against the loss of money or securities due to their fraudulent transfer.
Social Engineering Fraud: After experiencing social engineering, you are covered against the loss of money or securities due to a person impersonating another and fraudulently providing instructions to transfer funds.
Telecom Fraud: You might have experienced unauthorize phone usage charges, we’ve got you covered against these.
Business Interruption: If your computer system is infected by a virus and results in your internal computer network being unavailable for an extended period of time, the loss of income and expenses to restore operations will be covered.
System Failure: You’re covered for loss of income and expenses to restore operations following an accidental and unplanned interruption of your computer system.
Dependent Business Interruption: There are multiple coverage options for loss of income and expenses following an interruption to a third party’s computer system that you rely on.
Reputation Harm: A cybercrime attack becoming public might result in damage to your business’ reputation, this covers the business income you might lose.


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