Coverage Options

Large Limits of Liability: When the ultimate in protection is needed, we offer you this. Umbrella protection is available with coverage limits up to $15,000,000. While higher limits may be available, they are subject to underwriting approval.

Legal Defense: It’s easy to get hit with a lawsuit. And having too much liability insurance is better than having too little, as court cases can cost you big. This policy is your legal defense, protecting your business from incurring these expenses.

Personal Injury Protection: We’re committed to solutions that protect, empower and serve you. With this solution, you are provided protection against claims or suits brought against you, including libel, slander, false arrest, mental anguish, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment and wrongful eviction.

Worldwide Coverage: If you’re a traveler, it’s important to have enough coverage for losses that occur internationally. For example, if you rent a vehicle in another country and get into an accident, you may not have proper coverage unless you have a personal umbrella policy.


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