The Basics

Dwelling: Your home is your refuge, as well as an emotional and financial investment. If it gets damaged, your world could turn upside down. This policy makes things right, providing coverage for your home and any attached structures like a garage or deck. Our agents will help figure out how much coverage you need based on replacement costs. And we’ll be at your side every step of the way.

Other Structures: If you have structures on your property that aren’t attached to your home, this policy kicks in. It covers things like your fence, detached garage, shed, driveway, pole barn and swimming pool.

Personal Property: The cost to replace the stuff you own—from your furniture and clothes to electronics and jewelry—is often more than you might realize. Why start over? With this policy, all those personal possessions are covered anywhere in the world.

Personal Liability: Sometimes accidents happen, people get hurt and property gets damaged. If you’re held responsible, you could be facing medical bills, repair costs and even lawsuits. Give yourself the gift of protection in the form of this policy, which provides coverage for incidents that happen anywhere.

Medical Payments to Others: This coverage goes the distance if someone has been injured, such as taken a fall and needs stitches, at your residence regardless of who is at fault. This coverage also helps you avoid litigation.

Additional Living Expenses: When you’re unable to live in your home temporarily due to a covered loss, this policy pays for living expenses such as food and lodging until you are back home.

Additional Protection

Guaranteed Home Replacement Cost: Having this policy in place means in the event you lose your home, it will be fully replaced even if your coverage limit is too low. Doing the right thing means taking care of you.

Water Backup of Sewers or Drains: The name says it all. When your home’s sewers or drains get backed up, the damage can be extensive and expensive to repair. We’ll customize a policy with limits that protect your home and your wallet.

Special Personal Property Coverage: Extra protection can make a world of difference. This policy is designed to provide coverage on those personal items that get lost or misplaced, have been stained or defaced and more.

Ordinance or Law Coverage: Paying out of pocket for repairs or renovations to get your home up to code can be expensive. That’s where this policy is extremely helpful. Since local ordinances and laws can regulate construction, repair or demolition of your property, this policy ensures you’re covered.

Homeowners Plus: Give your homeowners policy an extra boost with several additional coverages in one package, including coverage for property damage due to appliance leaks, increased coverage limits for food spoilage from power failures and more.

Equipment Breakdown: This policy provides the funds to repair or replace damaged machinery or equipment— including air conditioners and heating units, computers and major appliances—that have suffered a mechanical or electrical failure.

Identity Theft Expense Coverage: Identity theft happens all the time. In the event it happens to you, this policy helps you recover some or all of your financial losses by providing up to $15,000 for expenses incurred when trying to restore your financial identity.


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