Hi Everyone, my name is Ian. I have a strong passion for the clients I work with and finding the right solutions that will benefit them in the long run. I ended up getting into insurance through a relationship here at the bank and came to work at United in 2016. I’m a licensed insurance agent in property, casualty, and life. Customers rely on me to help them navigate the confusing world of insurance. It can seem like a foreign language, and it’s my goal to go the extra mile to find the perfect solution for their needs.

I’m married to my wife Katie and we have 2 dogs, a cat, and a horse. We love animals, so that keeps us pretty busy outside of work. I also have a strong passion for traveling. I’ve visited 12 countries in Europe during an 11-month period and it’s my goal to visit South America next!

The thing you hear a lot around here is that United Bank feels like family. Get in contact with me today to find real solutions to your insurance needs and become part of the United family.