Hey there, my name is Joe. Here at United Bank, I work hard to connect with local businesses and provide them with the guidance they need to find the right insurance coverage. After graduating from Ferris State University with my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I came to work here at United. In addition to my degree, I’m also licensed in Property & Casualty, Life & Health, and am a Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA). This gives me the experience and knowledge to provide strategic planning and help identify risks before they happen.

I’m into sports and like to stay active in my free time, playing recreationally whenever I can. Whether it’s basketball, softball, tennis, volleyball, or football, I’m in! I also spend a lot of time with my wife, Lauren, and if it’s summertime then we’re probably near water.

I’m truly passionate about the work I do. My motto is always "if you’re working, so am I" and that approach helps make sure the appropriate coverage is in place prior to an incident. Please take a look at my contact info above and let’s talk about finding the coverage that best fits your needs.