Construction to Permanent Key Features

Roll your construction draw loan into the final fixed mortgage term with one loan transaction

Variable rates up to a 12-month construction phase

Interest paid only on the outstanding balance drawn

Two Loan Closing Key Features

First closing at beginning of construction with interest-only payments

Second loan made at completion of home

Offers flexibility to adjust loan amount prior to second loan

Rate locks guaranteed at commencement of construction for end term with a float down option

Why United Bank

Our in-house construction specialist’s knowledge and experience ensures a streamlined and efficient process. Since we’re local, we’re easily accessible and able to be flexible in finding solutions. You and your builder will enjoy:
  • Quick turnaround
  • On-time closings
  • Efficient process
  • Local underwriting
  • Dedicated construction specialist to handle draws
  • Ability to direct deposit draws to any United Bank account typically within 24-48 hours of request
  • Ability to pick up check at any of our branch locations
  • Timely detailed communication throughout the process