Your home does a great job at protecting you, be sure you have protected your home. Even though you have home insurance, your policy might not cover the possible weather-related damage that has risk when living in Michigan. Springtime brings several different weather concerns, and these can have different implications with the insurance you need. It is recommended to meet once a year with your insurance agent to make sure there are no gaps in your coverage.

A standard homeowner’s policy will protect you against wind and hail that spring thunderstorms can bring. The heavy rain falls will be covered as well. However, flooding is another story and does require separate coverage. Standard homeowner’s policies will cover water damage from burst pipes, overflow from a malfunctioning appliance, water seepage from a roof leak, or vandalism, but not from a spring flood. A Flood insurance policy is needed to have coverage for destruction or damage caused by storm surges or floodwaters. These are backed by the federal government and come with generally low premiums.

Lightning can be an additional hazard that comes with those pesky thunderstorms. If a lightning strike damages your home, that will typically be covered with your standard homeowner’s policy, along with any water from firefighters if they were needed along the way. If any of these weather challenges also damages your vehicle, it would be up to your auto insurance to protect your vehicle.

Are you renting? Don’t worry, insurance still applies to you. Your renter's insurance doesn’t cover the structure that you’re living in (your landlord takes care of that!), but it does cover your valuable possessions and other liabilities you may have in the event that something may happen.

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Enjoy the spring weather worry-free by ensuring your home and your precious valuables are protected. Let us help you assess your individual needs and give you peace of mind that you have protection for a rainy day. Contact one of our agents today! 

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