Payments and Transfers

Whether you want to set up a recurring bill payment, pay a babysitter, or send cash to a friend or family member, you can do it all within minutes.

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Card Manager

Manage cards within our mobile app using spending limits, location limits, or temporarily disable cards that are misplaced.

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Deposit Checks

Quickly deposit your checks whenever and wherever you are. It's completely secure and making a deposit is as easy as taking a picture. Be sure to include "for mobile deposit at United Bank" when you endorse a check for mobile deposit as shown in the demo below.

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Email and Text Alerts

Setup your own email and text alerts for those need-to-know moments, like when a transaction clears or your balance drops below a pre-set level.

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Touch ID

Accessing your finances has never been faster or easier. All you need is your fingerprint.

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Tele-Bank 24

Access your account from any touch-tone phone. Call 800.968.5869 to get started.

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Do most of your banking quickly, easily and when it's most convenient for you.

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Be Curious

Take control of your finances and feel empowered with these resources and articles.

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